At Auto Resto we program our work schedules to ensure continuous progress to completion. Our programmed repair schedules are individually tailored to accommodate the challenges of personalisation and also budget constraints.

Project transparency is the core of our business. We pride ourselves on the promise of delivering a fixed price vehicle restoration service on time and on budget. If its quoted, then its covered in the cost.

We are devoted to the preservation of originality. Sometimes acquiring original parts can be near impossible, but at Auto Resto we can rebuild any part of an automobile. If you want to get creative and have a bespoke project in mind, our only limit is your imagination!

VW Beetle Convertible

At Auto Resto, our project work is predominately motor vehicle restoration and corrosion repairs.

This video illustrates the sequence of rust repairs conducted on the 1965 VW Beetle Convertible. The initial concerns were that the vehicles right hand side (RHS) door was not opening or closing efficiently.

We quickly identified that the RHS door was sagging due to substandard corrosion repairs at the top and bottom hinge areas. Upon removal of the RHS door, the cosmetic repairs fell out which further exposed the complexity of the corrosion issue.

This repair involved exploring beyond the surface and into the hidden structure, removing multiple layers before restoring the original structure. Each layer removed was either reconditioned or replaced during the reconstruction process.

At Auto Resto, we warranty our corrosion repairs for a period up to 10 years. With advance methodologies and technologies in corrosion mitigation, we offer more than just rust repairs.