1964 VW Beetle Convertible

LHR Fender – Repair

This video illustrates the repair process on the rear fender of a VW Beetle Convertible.

The cracks that were visible in the fender panel were the result of a failed attempt to repair a vertical fracture. The extent of the damage was assessed and a new replacement panel was fabricated to the size required. The damaged area was then cut out completely the new replacement panel was aligned and fully welded.

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Rear C-Pillar Restoration

This Chevrolet BelAir had significant corrosion damage in both of the rear C-Pillar’s. The repair process involved the removal of interlocking panel sections which provide the structure. The surface was cleaned free of contaminants and etch primed. The sections removed were re-fabricated and the structure repaired from the inside out.


1968 Camaro


1968 Camaro

This vehicle had the appearance of a very tidy unit albeit for a couple of minor issues at the rear wheel arches that raised concerns.

To investigate the hairline cracks and irregular contours, we started by removing the surface duco from the left hand side (LHS) quarter panel. Beneath the surface was an excessive amount of body filler that in places measured over half an inch thick. This was followed by an additional amount of fibreglass in the rear wheel arches and internal tubs.

Now back to bare metal, the assessment of the LHS quarter panel concluded that there was excessive panel damage and extensive corrosion damage in the internal and external sections of the wheel arch. Given that there is a readily available supply of reproduction parts, It was determined that the most efficient course of action was to replace the complete external skin and internal wheel tub.

Next the right hand side (RHS) quarter panel was investigated and it too was concluded to have been repaired the same way as the LHS quarter panel. The repair schedule was set to include two new quarter panels and also new internal wheel tubs.

The doors both had new external skins replaced, the internal frames were sandblasted and minor rust repairs conducted. The complete front window aperture was cut out and replaced by Rene Farrace. And other repairs included the firewall, the RHS turret and drip rail sections.

The owner wanted to convert the vehicle to LPG and provided us with the pressure vessel. The brief was to have the tank in the boot of the vehicle, but also to retain as much boot space as possible. The boot floor was re-fabricated with the vessel recessed in to it, this lowered the compartment floor level and provided the function the owner required.

This vehicle was delivered in a metal finish ready for paint.