At Auto Resto we provide a suite of services focused on the restoration and preservation of all types of vehicles. Our passion for automotive excellence has evolved with a diversity of products and resources that further compliment our processes. Our rust repairs and restoration services are backed by a five year warranty against corrosion perforation.

Rust Repairs

Our vision is to provide a service that eliminates the affects of corrosion in automobiles and preserve them beyond the expectation of our warranty terms.


Panel Fabrication

Given the limited market supply for the repair panels and an unlimited application of possibilities, Auto Resto fabricates 98% of all our panel repair sections. Each panel fabrication undergoes multiple stages of fitting and alignment to ensure dimension accuracy and uniform contour.



The longevity of a project is hinged firmly upon the process of its initial stages. Following an initial assessment, the vehicle will undergo multiple transition stages before reaching its final destination. Each stage of the project will require a combination of re-assessment, scheduling and the requirements. Every task is linked to a timeline and sequenced to achieve a milestone. Each task is completed, based upon the methodology required to ensure quality assurance.

At Auto Resto we are corrosion specialists and we employ a meticulous methodology to eliminate 99% of corrosion contaminants at the base metal before commencing the repairs.

Our abrasive practice is guided by the Australian Standards AS 1627.4—2005 – Part 4: Abrasive blast cleaning of steel. We finish this process by de-contaminating the metal surface to remove microscopic deposits of corrosion and other impurities.

Each vehicle is sealed with an epoxy coating to ensure protection from the atmospheric conditions and the other elements.

Corrosion Protection

At Auto Resto, we can provide protection for your investment with specifically designed anti-corrosive technologies and treatments. Each vehicle treatment is merited by the parameters of its service requirement. Our treatment

For example the treatment application for a domestic use vehicle is vastly different from that used on an underground mining vehicle. Each vehicle is assessed based on its intended use and environmental exposure.

We highly encourage the treatment of secondhand vehicles. All of our rust repairs and auto body restorations are fully treated by anti-corrosive technologies. We also provide new vehicle treatments to ensure against future issues.

Lead Wiping

At Auto Resto we frequently practice the lead-wiping technique of body filling and repair. Almost all of the vintage vehicles (pre 1980s) that we restore have and or need lead-wiping repairs. This technique is generally used to fill the interface joint between two panels. Although modern day polyester/plastic fillers are by far easier to use, they fair poorly against the superior longevity of lead filling.

As seen being performed on Cruzintv (Fred is closely related).

Vehicle Rotisserie

At Auto Resto, we custom fabricate all of our vehicle rotisserie’s and attachments. This service is provided for an extreme restoration process.

Custom Fabrication


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