VW Beetle

LX SS Torana

Sequence of repairs

Auto Resto
Auto Resto

This was the condition of the A-Pillar when it arrived at our workshop. This photo illustrates the corrosion damage to the upper and lower panel structure of the Left Hand A-Pillar. To rectify the section, the repair was conducted incorporating the upper section of the A-Pillar (LH windscreen frame).

Auto Resto

This photo illustrates the LH A-Pillar following the repairs to the upper and lower sections. The section was unpicked, sandblasted, repaired and acid washed (as seen here). The windscreen aperture (A-Pillar windscreen frame) has been fitted and aligned with the door frame.

Auto Resto

Prior to the final fitted and welding of the A-Pillar, Rene re-fitted the LH door and aligned the upper windscreen aperture/frame. The frame forms part of the A-Pillar structure and needed to be stitched into the lower section to complete the structure.

Auto Resto

Next Rene fit and aligned the bonnet and LH front fender. Then Rene hand formed the wiper panel end. This is the panel which resides on top of the A-Pillar between the fender, door and windscreen.

Auto Resto

This photo illustrates the final result of the A-Pillar restoration.



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