As the owner of the LX SS Torana hatchback being restored by Rene at Auto Resto, I am just amazed at the high level of skill and fabrication work he is doing.

If you have a restoration project in mind you need to go and see Rene, you will be so impressed by his professionalism, dedication to detail and passion.

Thanks Rene for everything you are doing.


LX SS Torana

I’ve watched the video clip of the repairs on my Mazda R100 about 5 times. I feel really comfortable leaving my baby in your hands mate, your doing a great job and I appreciate it.

You’re a craftsman and a top bloke, keep up the good work!!


Mazda R100

My 72 HQ Kingswood was rusting in those usually spots and having done a little research for local fabricators I kept coming back to Rene based on the quality of workmanship I was seeing and word of mouth. From the initial vehicle inspection Rene was professional and passionate about the task ahead and was able to provide a rough quote to address those issues. His eye for detail and understanding of what needed to be done in addition to what might be unforeseen problems made the process transparent and honest.

Vehicle integrity, a guarantee to restore to the best of his abilities and constant communication with me of budget adjustments or parts needed made the project easy. This was my first major financial investment in the Kingswood since purchasing it and even though the final bill changed I can recommend Rene for the highest of quality of service, knowledge and future proofing of what some of us prize.

I would not hesitate to visit Rene again for not only a post vehicle/work inspection but to continue the work on restoring other issues he observed.

Thanks Rene for all your time and effort in bringing the “Q” back to glory.


Holden HQ Sedan