Mercedes 380SL

At Auto Resto we fabricate vehicle replacement panels to the highest degree and quality. We are not limited to any specific vehicle. We’ll duplicate any part of any vehicle and fuse weld it for seamless integration.

Auto Resto

Plenum Chamber
Auto Resto

Prior to commencement the vehicle had to be completely dismantled.
Auto Rest

This photo illustrates the internal plenum chamber surface, following the removal of the external cover panel.
Auto Resto

This is the internal section of the plenum chamber which has been abrasive cleaned. The photo illustrates all of the paint and corrosion removed and the bare metal etch primed to protect against surface corrosion during repairs.
Auto Resto

The photo illustrates the removal of the vent support frame and the visible corrosion beneath the spot welded flange. This will be sandblasted again to remove all of the corrosion. This level of attention will ensure that the corrosion is completely removed.
Auto Resto

This photo illustrates the external cover panel, also known as the grille or wiper panel. This panel has been prepared by abrasive blasting and etch primer coating. The rust sections have been repaired and the panel will be re-aligned with the internal section before permanent fixture.
Auto Resto

Below the external cover panel was then fitted to the internal section. The internal corrosion damaged section is sitting on top of the external panel.
Auto Resto

To be continued……


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