HR Ute (white)

Buyer Beware

This Holden HR Ute was purchased as seen above with little knowledge of the underlying issues yet to be revealed. This vehicle was sold on a club licensed and when the new owner tried to re-register the vehicle it failed for good reasons.



The vehicle was then totally disassembled. Everything was remove from the vehicle, the interior, the windows, doors, fenders, headlights, grille, the front bumper.




Next we removed all of the mechanical items; engine, gearbox, tail shaft, leaf springs, differential, fuel tank, brake and fuel lines.




The front sub-frame was then removed and the body was supported by axle stands before mounting onto the vehicle rotisserie.


Vehicle Rotisserie



Following the disassembly of the vehicle, we mounted the body on a rotisserie and commenced the assessment of the vehicle.



Vehicle Assessment

A preliminary assessment was conducted on the vehicle to re-evaluate the areas of concern. We’ve provided a brief extract of the findings, as continues.

LH A-Pillar (external section)

This photo illustrates the condition of the LH A-Pillar (external section – corrosion).





LH A-Pillar (internal section)

This photo illustrates the sub-standard workmanship performed on the internal section. Fly wire and plastic filler make up the main structure.



found the under-body sub-frame and chassis rail in urgent need of attention.

To be continued….

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