Mustang Fastback

Lead Wiped Repairs

The rust repairs/restoration of the Mustang door pictured here has been repaired by a technique called lead wiping. At Auto Resto we are passionate about providing quality repairs and this is why we still practice this old art. This is our way of providing a budget friendly solution and still maintain the quality of a metal finish.

This Mustang is a fine example of a picture perfect vehicle. Although there were some major issues with both the driver and passenger doors. The corrosion in the lower sections of both doors were so bad that they had to be removed to be repaired.

This slide attached illustrates the Mustang door removed from the vehicle and the internal mechanisms completely disassembled. The next step in the process for this door is for all of the corrosion to be removed by abrasive cleaning. Hence the reason why the door is just a shell.

Although sand blasting is the best method to completely remove all of the corrosion deposits, the process can create issues far beyond just the repairs required. For example, if the door mechanism, glass and window regulator were left in the door, the fine grit would penetrate into the mechanism and fowl the operation. If the abrasive made contact with the glass, you can kiss that good bye too! As laborious at it might seem, prevention is far more sensible than the grief, time and cost and of locating & replacing damaged parts or components.

At Auto Resto we pride ourselves with providing quality solutions that endure the test of time.


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