EJ Holden Fender

EJ Holden – Fender
This fender belongs to an EJ Holden Ute.
The fender had some issues in the past which had been repaired by other repairers.
At first sight, the corrosion appeared to be concentrated at the lower rear section of the fender.
The fender was then sandblasted to remove the paint and contaminants.
After the blasting process, the fender was reassessed and we found that the upper rear section of the fender had small corrosion perforations.
Rene then fabricated the complete external (rear section) and lower internal fenders sections.
The corroded internal & external fender sections were then cut out and the replicated panel sections were fuse welded in place.
This may seem to be an extreme approach, but at Auto Resto we warranty our rust repairs for 5 years. We are passionate about restoring vehicles and eliminating corrosion. Our experience in corrosion mitigation has been proven over many decades and on thousands of vehicles.

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