Mazda R100 Coupe

This Mazda R100 has been a great challenge fromn the very beginning when we apraised the corrosion damage with the initial inspection through to the successful completion of the lower quarter panel/s restoration.

From our initial inspection, it was noted that the corrosion damage was so severe, that only by using small portions of the panel profile on each side (or that which was available), were we able to determine the actual shape of the panel.

From the samples that we obtained, we were still only 50% sure of the actual panel shape. So to complete the profile, we set about completing the contour of the panel by filling and sanding it. (I must admit with all my experience, I’ve never had to create a profile with plastic filler).

After completing the panel contour, the depth of the compounding profile was obtained and other unique features. We created the paterns required and set about fabricating the external quarter panel sections.

Following the removal of the external section, we found the internal quarter panel section to have a very unique compounding scollop shaped panel section. To retain the originality of this area we exhausted many hours to achieve the complexity of this panel section.

All of the panel sections fabricated for this vehicle were done so out of one sheet. Each of the panels were tig welded to minimise the heat distortion and fuse welded to a seamless finish.

Rene Farrace

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